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Native applications made to measure for you!

Almost everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet, whether on Apple or Android, it doesn't matter, it is now a must-have accessory. Everyone is therefore a potential user of applications that promote an activity, an idea, a product, or applications that simply increase a company's visibility. Apps are now more than ever an effective and direct way of reaching and expanding your target audience.

What are apps? What do we need them for?

So many worlds in one pocket

We have at least a dozen apps installed on our mobile phone. We use them every day, we enjoy them, they help us, but what are they? It is software designed to run only on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, each one created to make people's lives easier, more practical and more enjoyable. In short, they are applications that perform functions that the mobile device could not normally perform alone.

Native applications

Native is better

Native apps fully use the entire operating system of the mobile device because they are developed with an owner code and library. One of the major advantages is that they can directly interact with the electronic components of the smartphone (camera, location, address book or notifications) and with the user who uses it. The native apps can be made available on the App Store, for iOS, or in the Google Play Marketplace, for Android, making them visible, widespread and profitable. And they also work offline.

Web apps and hybrid apps

The alternatives

Web apps and hybrid apps are an alternative to native apps. The web app is an application that can be used by any computer or mobile device: all you need is an internet connection and any kind of browser.
Meanwhile, hybrid apps are web apps that can be included in the Marketplaces but they are not comparable to native apps in qualitative terms.

How we develop apps

Tailor-made apps!

We are true digital artisans: we love creating and developing native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android. We are specialised and fine-tuned in programming multi-device apps and in developing multi-platform apps to meet the needs of all our customers: no demand is too challenging!

Here's what we are great at....

It isn't just a list of technologies, this is what we know and use every day to create high quality products.

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