Database consultancy

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Planning and designing databases for all digital products

Have you ever had to migrate from a particular management system to a new one? If the answer is yes, then you will know that it is a real nightmare recovering the old data and entering it again. Doing it automatically saves time, money, and most of all human error. Planning and designing databases for a website, a mobile app or desktop management system is not easy. They must be efficient and minimise errors as best as possible.

Database and management systems

What databases are for

Databases are collections of structured data, and database management systems are software designed to create, handle and consult them efficiently. The data management systems play a very important role in many IT applications from accounting to networks management.


The right advice

Are you unsure of how to work with databases and how to navigate them? We can help. We can offer all kinds of advice regarding exporting, converting, and editing the data contained in your databases. We also optimise them and conduct a safe migration between the different platforms and applications. We provide specific advice for planning and optimising IT systems and networks. Our team specialises in the technologies that we use.

Security and encryption

Your data is safe

A key aspect that should not be underestimated is security. We are specialists in implementing different levels of security for databases, such as data encryption, access control, authentication, etc. We also have system support and IT infrastructure management services. We can ensure the continuity of your services with our onsite presence and help desk. We also use monitoring and alert systems via SMS and email, as well as problem notification systems.

How we design databases

There is always room for improvement!

We have what it takes to design scalable databases. In this way, your website will be able to deal with future changes whenever you want to modify it to make it more advanced and in step with the times and with your needs.
We know how to create optimal and high-performing databases: we always guarantee optimal functionality of your application, which is always integrated with the front end.

Here's what we are great at....

It isn't just a list of technologies, this is what we know and use every day to create high quality products.

Consulting and database management MySQL
Consulting and database management SQLite
Consulting and database management mongoDB
Consulting and database management PostgreSQL
Consulting and database management MariaDB
Consulting and database management Redis
Consulting and database management Amazon RDS