Payment systems integration

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Integration with payment systems: from trust to security

A purchase on an e-commerce website or portal is the final and most challenging phase of e-commerce, known as "conversion" in the industry: and ultimately credit card payment. And the easier and safer that payment is, the more customers will be willing to spend because they will be reassured by a reputable intermediary like a banking intermediary.

Integrated payment systems

A good reason for making a purchase

Once the user has moved the products or services that they are interested in to their shopping cart, the purchase is ended. After filling in the form specifying their shipping or billing information, they conclude the transaction. Generally websites will allow the user to choose their preferred payment method. And being able to choose between different options is a way of attracting more customers.

What is a banking gateway?

Security for all

On almost all e-commerce websites, when a user has to complete their payment, the banking gateway will ask the user for their payment details. It will check their credit card and transfer the amount from their current account to the seller's account, before taking them back to the e-commerce website. In practice, every time you make a transaction the bank will act as an intermediary and inform the e-commerce manager whether the transaction was successful or not.

3 reasons for setting up a banking gateway

The advantages for the purchaser and the seller

We are increasingly suspicious, as users do not wish to provide their credit card information on any old website, but have more confidence in entering them on the website of a bank that they know and have developed trust in. Banks will also allow you to pay with different credit cards. And what if someone copies your credit card? It is the bank's responsibility to keep a historical record of its transactions.

How we integrate payment systems

Only the best!

Integration with a payment system is not child's play, but should be done very carefully to avoid any defects. In fact, any security bugs may jeopardise your customer relationships. We are real experts in secure payment gateway integration, conforming with industry standards such as the PCI, DSS and many others.
We have integrated different payment systems for our customers, including Paypal, Banca Intesa San Paolo, Banca Sella, Bitcoin, cash paysites, Unicredit, BNL, Payleven, etc.

Here's what we are great at....

It isn't just a list of technologies, this is what we know and use every day to create high quality products.

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