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We develop custom native desktop apps for your company!

It is true that management or desktop applications are digital products that are gradually being replaced by web applications, but in certain cases they are still of great use, not least for complex operations or for projects that require total integration with the operating system.

What are desktop applications and what are they for?

Why choose them

Desktop apps are installed directly on the computer and are designed and created to work best on a specific operating system: Windows or Mac OS or Linux.
What are the advantages of desktop applications? They allow you to send notifications on the desktop, update automatically and interact seamlessly with external devices that they are connected to.

Native desktop applications

Native and 100% functional

Our desktop apps are native: they make full use of the operating system for which they have been programmed, so are perfect for all those companies like hotels, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, or others, that require customised management software. You can add them to the Marketplaces.

Our creations

Our success stories

In addition to management software, we have produced some very successful apps for Mac OS that have registered 60,000 downloads worldwide.
iFotoTessere is an app that allows you to create ID photos on your Mac with a single click, without having to go to a photographer.
BackgroundEraser is a precise and versatile app that removes the background from images in seconds, so is particularly useful for creating photo montages.
MovieDesktop allows you to set all your favourite videos as your desktop background, by turning it into a dynamic background.

How we develop desktop apps

Analysis, programming and creativity!

We research your needs thoroughly to design and program native multi-platform software. Our aim is to create custom-made products for every customer: our unique and customised desktop apps are designed to fit perfectly and work simply and intuitively! For us the challenge is being creative even when tasked with some extremely complex management!

Here's what we are great at....

It isn't just a list of technologies, this is what we know and use every day to create high quality products.

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