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Our mission is protecting your company

Internet threats and cyber espionage, code crackers and web intruders lurk everywhere and computer security is an issue that should be taken seriously. The internet is full of many malicious users who try to go unnoticed for an increasingly long time, and exploit the standards of trust online. A common misconception is that the victims are only celebrities, but the reality is that individuals or organisations that can be exploited for their money will always be attractive!

Computer threats

A danger online

Now everything is hackable. Increasingly, hackers are exploiting private peer-to-peer networks because they make it harder to trace the identity of cyber criminals. Online payments are increasingly at risk, along with open source systems and online banking. They try to exploit the vulnerabilities of authentication systems across different platforms, and plug-ins for mobile or computer devices often carry infections.

Our work

Hacker-proof computer security

Online fraud, identity theft and threats of various kinds lead companies to strengthen IT security, that require specialists who can protect personal data or credit card numbers from code crackers to intervene in order for it to be effective. For us, being an IT security consultant is much more than a job: it means protecting others from online threats.

The most common web attacks

What are they and how to defend yourself

The SQL injection affects applications that are supported by an SQL database. If the data received in input is not checked properly, this exploit can insert a malicious code within an SQL query, enabling the attacker to authenticate themselves on a website and take control.
XSS: they allow code crackers to insert or execute codes on the client side forms, altering pages, changing data display on the server, and the collection and redirection of confidential information.
Brute force allows them to track down passwords, checking all the possible combinations until they find the password that is actually correct.

How we work

All down to the finest details

Security comes first. Our experts examine software, management software, and all networks to identify security failures and to correct them, taking all the necessary measures to prevent any threats and to keep your information safe while under operation.
Even when we develop a web, mobile or desktop app we pay a great deal of attention to data security; simulating, testing and re-testing to prevent the most well-known attacks and managing firewalls as best as possible, avoiding intrusions and creating secure software.

Here's what we are great at....

It isn't just a list of technologies, this is what we know and use every day to create high quality products.

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